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Live-in caregiver / Nursing assistant

Your Job

  • Assistance on appointments (doctor's appointments, therapies, etc.)

  • Support and company in everyday life (reading aloud, strolls, etc.)

  • On-call service

  • Nursing if required

Your requirements

  • Experience with taking care of people with dementia

  • Professional education in medical care (nursing assistant)

  • English as a first language or fluent

  • Empathy and appreciation of being able to help people who need assistance

  • Patience and the ability of keeping cool also in emergency situationsies are amongst your strengths

  • You are willing to live with the person to be taken care of. Each mission lasting 7-10 days in a row at least once a month.

Why Qualis Vita 24

  • Autonomous work in which the intense relation to your client is in focus

  • Training on the job

  • The well-being of our clients and employees is our first priority.

  • The employee to client relation has to be fitting.

  • Salary in line with the market for a meaningful occupation

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